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Driving Lessons In Barking

Barking driving lessons offers a range of options to our pupils to achieve the best quality driving tuition in Barking and the surrounding areas.

Barking driving lessons run weekly lessons in one, two or three hour blocks to provide optimum flexibility with your busy schedule. These lessons are available in the barking area, as well as Romford, Dagenham, Ilford and Hornchurch. All of our driving instructors in Barking, and the above areas, are fully qualified, dedicated, CRB checked, approved driving instructors. Weekly lessons in Barking are the most flexible way of learning to drive and with prices starting at just £15 an hour you wont find such high quality instruction for such a low price anywhere else. Driving lessons are run on a one to one basis, ensuring you get the full benefit from our fully qualified ADI instructors.

We offer intensive driving courses in Barking and surrounding areas including Romford, Dagenham, Ilford and Hornchurch. During your intensive driving course you work with one of our fully qualified ADI instructors on a one to one basis to make the most of your time. All of the instructors have new, fully dual controlled cars. The intensive driving courses consist of four hours driving and half an hour break each day. Here at Barking driving lessons we feel having thirty minute break is vital to your learning. The crash courses can be tiring and the thirty-minute rest refreshes you ready for your next driving lesson. Intensive driving courses are between 2- 8 days long, depending on your driving ability. Each day is after the last ensuring you retain the valuable information you have learnt.

Throughout your intensive driving course you will cover all the important aspects of driving such as town driving, dual carriageways, country lanes and manoeuvres. Another great benefit of lessons with Barking driving lessons is our instructor’s familiarity with the local area. Whether your test is in Barking or Hornchurch our instructors will pass on their knowledge of the area to aid you in passing your driving test quickly.

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Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons

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